Words from Women We’ve Helped

Words from Women We’ve Helped 2018-08-20T17:16:04+00:00

For the past 22 years, the Sonia Plotnick Health Fund has helped hundreds of women who could not afford traditional or alternative healthcare get the services they needed. Below is a sampling of the many ‘thank yous’ from women who have received assistance from the Fund.

I wish to thank the Sonia Plotnick Health Fund for giving me assistance with my insulin medication. I was taken by surprise when the pharmacist told me I only owed a fraction of the bill. Thank you so very much for your assistance in trying times.  I am truly grateful and if possible…I will ‘pass it forward’.

My profound thanks to the Sonia Plotnick Health Fund for helping me purchase a motorized wheelchair. Because of you, despite my multiple sclerosis, I can have a life outside my home.

When chemo wouldn’t help anymore and I needed pain relief and relaxation, you supported me financially in getting 5 massage treatments that helped me so much. Thank you, SPHF!

My co-pay for a hearing aid was more than I could afford. With help from the Sonia Plotnick Health Fund, I could get the hearing aid and enjoy a social life again. Thank you all!

Thank you for covering the costs of my mammogram. Your financial support made possible the detection of an early lesion and allowed me to get quick treatment. I am very grateful!

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